Vibration Knot Collar

Lise Silva

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Symbolizing aesthetic beauty in sound waves and energy, the modernized Vibration Knot is based upon an ancient knot that depicted the Chinese string instrument, the Pipa. Shaped like an hourglass, the pipa was believed to be the sound of heaven. Horizontally, the soft figure 8/infinity shape has two brass tube accents on either side and a brass waning moon suspended from it the knot. This face framing collar is deceptively light as it floats along the body.

Hangs 9 inches long from clasp to bottom of the brass moon. 

Available in Ivory or Night

Lise Silva is an artist based in Oakland, CA.  She explores the power of symbols through her work with Sacred Knots creating fiber jewelry and wallhangings with handmade cord entwined in knot designs that serve as a metaphor for life experiences, dreams, and deep desires.  Her collaborative jewelry designs with metal worker and Spirit Speak tarot creator Mary Elizabeth Evans, called In The House of Lovers, is a ceremonial collection of Artwear where they experiment with innovative design and mythic iconography.  As an extension of Lise's exploration in symbology, meditation and visualization are a tool in her creative process. She leads guided meditations as a tool for manifestation, lucid dreaming, mental/emotional balance, creativity and relaxation.