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Burning incense is not only used for its pleasant aroma but for its mystical properties. It is a sort of transformative aromatherapy that bridges the world between our reality and the spirit realm. Using smoke to transform a space is an ancient tradition used by cultures all around the world. Smoke rises into the air bringing with it your intentions up into the sky to assist with manifestation of your desires. Whether or not you practice any type of ritual, incense can act as a calming act that helps put you in a state of relaxation and can clear your space of negative energies. 

This set contains 4 sacred smoke incense blends:

Wild Woods: This blend is inspired by the chaparral forests in Southern California. Made with leaves from all the trees you would find in this type of landscape. Eucalyptus, bay laurel and cedar combine for a deep, woodsy scent. Key Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Bay Laurel, Incense Cedar

Flowers & Sage: This blend is inspired by our original floral smudge wands which contain all these same elements broken down into a loose incense. Key Ingredients: White Sage, Lavender, Rose Petals, Pink Rose Buds

Wildflower Dreams: This blend is a  soothing incense meant to be burnt before bedtime or when you need to relax. It contains herbs and flowers that are known for both their relaxing and spiritual properties.  Key Ingredients: Chamomile, Lavender, Mugwort, Palo Santo

Desert Sage: This blend is a trio of Southern California sage species. Sagebrush, white sage and black sage all grow native here in the hillsides. They all blend together really well and transport you into a warm summer day with the scent of sage in the air.  Key Ingredients: White Sage, Black Sage, Sagebrush

Directions: Place a pinch of incense blend on ceramic dish and light with lighter or on a charcoal disc for a longer lasting burn. Never leave incense unattended. 

Approximately 8-10 uses per packet. Dishes not included

Aquarian Soul is a plant based luxury wellness brand that is infused with the healing energies of crystals. All of their products are handcrafted with organic and wildcrafted ingredients sustainably foraged by the small team of A.S. through the mountains, deserts and coastal shrub regions of California. What can't be found in nature, is grown in their medicinal garden or brought in from certified organic farms. They combine science and spirit to bring products imbued with crystal energy and plant medicine. Founder Ally Sands is a certified Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Healer and holds a B.A. in Psychology.