Rodeo Jasper & Rhodonite Earrings

Alison Jean Cole

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These earrings are cut from a brilliant red Oregon jasper and pink Rhodonite. Jaspers form in voids, veins and cracks in bedrock where high concentrations of silica dissolves in groundwater, mixes with other minerals (that impart color) and percolates down into these enprt spaces, eventually hardening/crystalizing. Rhodonite is a silicate mineral, as well, but is more likely formed from upwelling of metallic minerals (in this case manganese) from below the crust. It is often found in quartz veins near gold mines.

The stones are 32mm tall and hang on 14k golf hammered wire for a total earring length of 60mm.

by Alison Jean Cole, "I am a lifelong rock nerd and geology guide and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I spend a great deal of time traveling throughout the western states in search of cool rocks to chop up. I particularly love colorful rocks and will also dig some out of buckets in rock shops, too. 

I am a proud member of the Mt. Hood Rock Club and teach lapidary arts (stone cutting) in our club shop. The objects I make are crafted in my studio in Portland, OR. I take large chunks of rough material to cut into slabs on a really big rock saw, then the shapes are trimmed out of the slabs on a smaller rock saw. I use successive grits to polish each stone by hand on a rudimentary faceting machine. The process is arduous but rewarding.

The greatest joy of working with rocks and minerals is collecting the material - my "job" is to drive out as far as I can on dirt tracks to canyons and abandoned mines to look for treasure. You can follow my studio work, mineral finds, and flat tires on instagram.

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