Moon Pendant

Hannah Keefe

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Pendant necklace in hand soldered sterling silver chain, silver solder, and silver hook closure by Hanna Keefe 
Care Instructions: Brass and Sterling Silver will react naturally when exposed to heat, oils, and liquids. This is usually prevented in commercial jewelry making by treating the metal with harsh chemicals. These pieces are not chemically treated. In their raw state, they are less toxic, but they are vulnerable to tarnish.

Brass and silver can be cleaned sustainably by using a simple home remedy: Heat enough apple cider vinegar to submerge the piece. Add a few generous dashes of salt. Agitate the piece in the mixture for 5 minutes. Remove and clean the piece with soap and water. Repeat if needed. An abrasive sponge or old tooth-brush can be used to further shine things up. There are also liquid chemical products sold at hardware stores that will remove tarnish very effectively.

Hannah Keefe studied jewelry and metalsmithing at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Hannah creates a jewelry collection centered around the material exploration of brass chain and silver solder. Each piece uses an original process yielding different shape variations, kinetic details, and visual geometries. All work is handmade by Hannah herself and reflects the slight variations between pieces. The colorful patinas, which are a by-product of the process, may vary making each one an original work. The chain is vintage deadstock from select origins, therefore the alloy/color of the chain can differ and the supply of each chain is finite.