Moon Angels Divination Deck

Rebekah Erev

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The Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Deck is a set of divination cards based on the cycle of the moon to help guide your days and nights. Designed by San Francisco Bay Area artist Rebekah Erev. Accompanied by a book of off-center insights and ephemera. Draw a card! Pause for a moment and feel the magic.

You can use these cards in the morning to start the day, and in the evening to bless your dream time. The cards can be given as gifts, can be refrigerator art, can be laminated to use as coasters for small glasses. You may want to ask them questions and pull a card or two intuitively to find some clue into the heart of your inquiry.

Rebekah Erev makes objects and creates public ritual as performance / ceremony. Erev’s work invokes the scholarship of re-remembering as relevant, immediate and anti-colonialist in it’s nature. Erev is an ordained kohenet and Hebrew priestess. Erev holds a Master in Teaching and over sixteen years of teaching experience. In 2014 Erev co-founded a two year collective art school, DIY Art School that met in public libraries. They are currently working on a film, Queer Mikveh, a Jewish ritual of transformation and water immersion.