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Combining symbolism, embroidery, and ritual, Illuminated Stitches presents a framework for creating sacred textiles intended for personal evolution. As most of our energy is channeled through our hands, embroidery works to harness this energy in stitches.

The cyclical process of hand sewing has been known to help the mind reach a meditative state, this combined with the concentration on a specific intention, and the power of symbolism to access our inner visions can create a space where art making becomes sacred and transformational.

Not too long ago, the creation of sacred garments and stitches took place in nearly all communities and spiritual circles. Here is presented an option for reincorporating ritual into the crafting of our adornments!

This fully illustrated 44 page book includes a dive into popular symbols throughout time, numerological and elemental correspondences to help develop designs, a variety of stitch techniques, both simple and more specialty, an in-depth instructional for choosing and using materials, and a few embroidery patterns for those not quite ready to design their own! Measures 5.5" x 8.5"

Christi Johnson is a textile artist and clothing designer who believes the expression of creativity is the most magical act. She creates work based on the inner visions accessed through the practice of meditation and stillness. She was raised in tropical Florida and currently resides in the foothills of the Catskills in New York. Through the act of dying, some of the plants that grow abundantly on her property are worked with as allies in the act of botanical alchemy that lend themselves to these stitches. 

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