Hand Embroidered Talisman

Stitch Wish

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Styles Available: Portal (names are not on the patches)

Inspired by mystical dreams of rainbow-hued meadows, the dance of sunbeams sparkling on the floors of enchanted forests, and magic carpet rides through galaxies near and far, Stitch Wish is an illumination of the symbols dancing throughout time, simultaneously archaic and futuristic. 

As above so below, the craft of embroidery sends the thread traveling between worlds through the meditative and visually enhancing stitch work. By stitching this patch to a sacred textile, you're offering a physical representation of the integration of your external and internal worlds. 

Clothing acts as a barrier between us and the world, able to protect as well as express our physical beings, and can be used to protect or express our energetic bodies as well. By infusing a garment with a purpose (in this case by embedding a patch of intentional artwork into it) you're able to declare your ambitions out into the world loud and clear. 

These patches, especially when placed in areas where they can be interacted with frequently, are designed to help trigger the subconscious and open up our minds to the infinite realm of possibilities through the use of symbolism. The act of embroidery embodies the integration of desires - moving from above to below, weaving between worlds. A desire that exists only within the material realm (above) or only within the lower shadow realm (below) is not fully able to be realized - it is the integration from above and below, our conscious and our subconscious, that allows us to find clarity and a path to action. 

Christi Johnson is a textile artist and clothing designer who believes the expression of creativity is the most magical act. She creates work based on the inner visions accessed through the practice of meditation and stillness. She was raised in tropical Florida and currently resides in the foothills of the Catskills in New York. Through the act of dying, some of the plants that grow abundantly on her property are worked with as allies in the act of botanical alchemy that lend themselves to these stitches.