Everyday Flax Linen Napkins


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100% flax linen napkins are essential in a non-disposable home to use every day at the family table, to go lunch for school, work, or picnic.

Other uses could be to wrap a sandwich to go, instead of a disposable wrap or bag. Tie, wrap and carry a small bowl of leftovers to go - you could use storage containers or tiffins.
Moistened and lay over veggies that need moisture in the fridge to stay their freshest or ask your cheese counter if they can wrap your cheese in a napkin instead or using plastic.

When napkins become well worn or stained, use as a dishcloth.

Set of 2 napkins, measuring 17" x 17"


CARE -We recommend washing in cold water and line drying in caring for the fabric and environment. Machine wash warm and tumble dry is okay, we do recommend low heat. If you do use the dryer, it's best to pull towels out a bit early to avoid wrinkling, by folding them, using the pressure of your hand and smoothing our fabric.


"Molly de Vries, the creative force behind Ambatalia, aims to facilitate a considered way of living that eliminates the unnecessary waste of single-use products. Crafted from lovely, natural, and sustainable materials, all textiles are proudly made in the San Francisco Bay area. Ambatalia helps us simplify and find pleasure in our daily rituals." - Heidi Swanson - New York Times bestselling writer and two-time winner of James Beard award.

Ambatalia designs and manufactures textile goods and offers daily essentials to support a non-disposable life.  All of our goods are thoughtfully designed and chosen for ease of use, lasting function and timeless aesthetic simplicity to inspire joy and change. 

The spirit of Ambatalia started in Mill Valley in 2004 believed to be the one and only brick and mortar fabric store solely focusing on cultural and environmentally sustainable textiles. Ambatalia eventually turning into a textile goods company keeping the environment being the focus. Molly de Vries is living her passion and takes pride in her work. We are a deep green company and a part of the slow movement where quality, ethical local production, and the earth are our priority.  

We are proud to ethically manufacture all of our goods in California and we never use unnecessary packaging when transporting our goods.