Constellation Planisphere


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Rotate the movable disc until the day of the month corresponds with the arrow pointing to the time of day and see what is visible in the sky. Begin by facing north and finding the brightest stars and constellations like Orion, Polaris, and the Big Dipper.  With aid of binoculars or a small telescope, many deep sky objects may be visible including star clusters, nebula, and galaxies. For the 

Northern Hemisphere. 




Printed in 4 colors, using both foil and letterpress methods. 

Based in Ojai, California MARGINS specializes in unorthodox printmaking techniques. "We make every effort to work in accordance with sustainable printing practices that support the well-being of all living creatures and the greater ecological system of which we belong. We work with indigenous communities, using Fair Trade and tree-free papers when possible. Our vibrant inks are water and soy based."

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