Ceremonial Cacao


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Cacao is a super food, a wonderful tree that represents life itself. Its fruits or maracas, containing seeds covered with sweetness; Their ground beans transformed into frothy drink, invite us to remember the truth within our hearts, and its fascinating chemical and spiritual composition are beyond the understanding of the conceptual mind. When we drink a cup of ceremonial Cacao we remember the wisdom, the light within and our natural capacity for unconditional love.

"Our elders have shared that Cacao and Copal walk together in sacred union. They nurture each other, they hold each other, they bless each other." - Paola and Gustavo

Click here for more on the ceremonial use of Cacao

The price is for one pound of cacao that you will receive as a solid disc.

Brought to us directly from Paola and Gustavo of Kakawsana based in Temple, Mexico. Paola created The "Eterno Sol Yoga & Mindfulness" program and has been teaching the Yoga Asanas & Mindfulness Meditation to business, schools, communities, families and individuals around Latin America for 16 years. Gustavo is an active and committed practitioner and teacher of The Law of Time Teachings and the Synchronic order. During the last 11 years he has been studying with native elders from North, Central and South America. Together, they travel the world to share Ceremonial Cacao.  

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