8 Crystals Chakra Set

The Radder

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A stunning set of 8 high vibrating crystals to work with the energy of your space, your self or even as a beautiful gift. Each stone has been cleansed under the full moon, ethically mined and selected to activate energy for every chakra - root to crown, as well to facilitate movement between and beyond. Use for a crystal healing, to energize a space or simply separate the set and add little tokens of beauty around your home or office. This set includes 8 substantially sized tumbled stones (approximately 1.5 inches) that are beyond your usual "crystal chakra set" and comes in a muslin bag.

• Larvikite - grounded magic and transformation. A mystical opening to your truer self 

• Carnelian - a stone of creativity and a great energy booster! Great for awakening one’s passion, inner fire and creativity

• Citrine - the prosperity stone. Lifts and releases negativity, raises one’s resonance. 

• Prehnite with Epidote - a faery stone that brings a harmonious, healing energy. Connects one to the divine, while bringing protection and a soft groundedness. 

• Chrysocolla - an opener for communication, goddess energy and expressions of the sacred. Clears the path to power and gentleness. A wonderous water energy.

• Lapis Lazuli - a stone of ancient wisdom that opens awareness to the mystical realms. Wonderful for opening ones third eye, connecting to intuition and psychic information.

• Banded Amethyst - well known to be the stone of higher guidance and spirituality. Connects one to higher self. This particular banded version of amethyst opens & activates the 6th & 7th chakras.

• Scolecite - a gentle and unique stone facilitating the way to inner peace and inner harmony.



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