3-Piece Blush Iceland Ceramic Set

Minh Singer

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3-piece hand-built stoneware set inspired by otherworldly, organic bodies of water, thermal pools, surreal seashells, and crystalline geodes. Created with multi-colored glazes and glass. Not food-safe. Ideal for displaying jewelry and burning incense. 

Use separately or combine for a stunning display.

base plate measures approximately 6" x 1.25"

middle bowl measures approximately 4.5" x 2.25"

small dish measures approximately 2.25" x 1"

Minh Singer is a ceramics artist based in Brooklyn by the way of Ho Chi Minh City, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Minh approaches each piece as a meditative journey, mindful of our humanity and beautiful imperfections. Inspired by the unpredictability of nature and of civilizations long gone, her work is a collection of mystical souvenirs from an unknown time and place. Minh is a graduate of Pratt Institute and has worked in fashion and art education.