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A pack of four beautiful incense ropes that are blended with different intentions based off of the ingredients. Through extensive research and explorations of sacred woods, herbs, and tree resins from all around the world, each incense blend is intended to create an atmosphere of peace as well as serve a powerful purpose. From hand-dying the Nepalese paper to rolling each incense rope by hand, creator, Ellen Nguyen crafted these oincense blends in small batches to ensure the highest quality. The Tibetan-styled incense ropes offer a pure and all-natural incense experience because they don't contain any charcoal, binding additives, and synthetic fragrances.

Use as a part of your personal ritual as an act of clearing, evocation, honoring and invitation – filling the air with that which you want to bring forth. The size and package make it convenient for travel.

Contains 4 ropes:
• FREELY "Be Present In The Moment"  - Hinoki • Palo Santo • Copal
• TRULY "Live Your True Purpose" - Palo Santo • Yerba Santa• Breuzinho  
• COSMICALLY "One With The Universe"  - Boswellia Sacra • Frankincense • Dammar  
• NIGHTLY "Release The Day" - Cedar Leaves • Lavender• Breuzinho 

Burn time approximately 30-40 minutes per rope

United Other was launched in October of 2017 by Ellen Nguyen with the intention to serve a higher creative and spiritual purpose. "My hope for UnitedOther is to help create a sacred space for personal rituals in our modern world. Sacred rituals that inspire and allow us the space to grow into a deeper connectivity with our true selves, to one another, and the Universe at large. It’s about transforming the ordinary. A new way of seeing and being. It says to dream and trust. The more that we start to do so – collectively – we can create a bigger context, a larger permission and a greater love."


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